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Hot Amenities in New Home Construction

These Luxury Home Amenities Are the Latest in Home Construction Trends

There are few experiences as exciting as designing a new home or preparing to renovate your existing one. So what amenities are currently popular in the home construction field? Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Luxury Amenities Are a Must in New Home Construction

In the past, homeowners placed priority on things like access to public transportation, shopping, and entertainment, but these days they’re looking within – their walls, that is. Recent surveys have shown that homeowners are now more willing to compromise on location-based benefits in preference of luxurious amenities like his and hers master closets, a spa-like bathroom, a large eat-in kitchen with an island, and large bathtubs.

· Water features

Speaking of bathtubs, water features are all the rage right now. Whether we’re talking about expansive, ornate swimming pools, fountains, or a wet room with varying showerheads and a steam feature, water is in.

· Digital media

It should come as no surprise that tech is popular, and people are now taking it to a whole new level. From house-wide sound systems, to expansive visual media rooms for watching movies, TV, and performing video conferences, to electronically controlled bars and wine cellars, tech is key.

Stay In Style With the Hottest Home Construction Amenities

The latest home construction amenities not only ensure that you enjoy the most state of the art comforts, but that you offer the most up-to-date style. Check back regularly to find more residential construction tips and trends.

Check out a few photos from our recent projects, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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