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Warning Signs that You Picked the Wrong Custom Home Builder

A Few Warning Signs that Your Custom Home Is Being Built By the Wrong Builder

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to building a home that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years and perhaps even generations, a mistake involving your builder is best recognized fast and corrected even faster.

Here are a few signs that you’re getting involved with the wrong custom home builder.

4 Signs That You’ve Found a Bad Custom Home Builder

· They don’t provide testimonials

A quality custom home builder stands by their work and will provide plenty of testimonials and referrals from happy clients.

· They’re pushy

If a home builder is constantly pushing you to make snap decisions, something might be wrong. Whether their rush will result in an unsatisfactory final home, or important steps will be skipped altogether, you need a builder who understands that constructing a new home is a process. Sure, a contractor who doesn’t let the process lag can be a benefit, but too much rush delivers a hurried finished project.

· They’re loose with permits

While making sure that everything is up to code can seem tiresome, it not only ensures that your home is safe, but that you don’t get fined, have to remove the structure, or have trouble selling the home down the road. If a contractor is trying to skirt the permits, something is wrong.

· Something seems off with the money

Be sure that money is being handled in a professional manner. If a bid is suspiciously low, or you’re asked for massive down payments or payments in cash, something is off.

Don’t Let a Bad Custom Home Builder Ruin Your Project

Finding a quality contractor is essential to ensuring that you end up with a custom home that you’ll love. So watch out for these warning signs, and always stick with the pros.

Check out testimonials from our past clients, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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