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What’s New In Custom Home Design?

Beacon Construction Brings You the Latest In Custom Home Design Trends

Ready to start designing your custom home? Looking for a few ideas? Let’s take a look at a few of the latest trends in home design that are changing the way people think about their living space.

3 New Trends in Custom Home Design

· Natural finish

For a long time super-dark floors and finishes were the rage, but these days designers are leaning toward lighter wood finishes that have a more natural tone. Stone is also making appearances in unexpected places, like in the floors of the master bedroom.

· Open spaces

Once design was all about compartmentalizing and sectioning off, but lately people have been embracing open spaces. That means fewer hallways and pint-sized rooms that are a waste of square footage, and more open floor plans that feature glass and sliding doors. This delivers maximized use of every square foot.

· Risky aesthetics

These days more and more people are going bold with their aesthetic choices. From striking wallpaper on ceilings and in bathrooms, to staircases of glass and metal, to intricate wood designs, to whatever else they can dream up, homeowners are taking risks with their design.

Which New Custom Home Design Trends Interest You?

Do any of these trends strike you as attractive? Speak with Beacon Construction Group about how we can incorporate them into your custom home design today.

Use our convenient online form to set up a consultation, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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