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How to Achieve a Timeless Home Design

Give Your New Home Staying Power with These Timeless Design Tips

Design a new home is a tricky balance. On one hand, you want to stay fashionable and utilize some of the latest design trends, but on the other, you want a home that will remain stylish year after year, or even decade after decade.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for achieving a timeless home design.

3 Things that Will Help You Create a Timeless Home Design

· Classic elements

Certain things simply never go out of style, especially in southern Florida where historic architecture is cherished. For example, columns or Spanish-influenced facades have both remained stylish in this area for literally hundreds of years.

· Keep it functional

Sometimes the best way to keep a design element timeless is to make sure that it’s highly functional. A spacious room will always have many uses, while a series of tiny rooms can lose their purpose. Or think of a feature like a kitchen island – not only do they look great, but they will always serve a purpose.

· Traditional colors and finishes

Bold, striking colors and finishes trend in and out of fashion, but neutral colors and traditional finishes like natural wood and stone look great no matter what year it is.

What Are a Few of Your Favorite Timeless Home Design Features?

Can you think of any timeless home design features that we’ve left out? Contact us today and let us know what you think holds up best over time.

Use our convenient online form to contact us now, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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