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Why New Homes Are More Efficient

New Efficient Homes Are Better for Your Wallet and the Environment than Ever Before

Old homes can be beautiful and offer a historic charm, but there are many benefits to building an entirely new home, not the least of which involves efficiency.

New homes are more efficient than ever. But why? Let’s take a look at how modern, efficient homes will save you money while saving the environment.

3 Reasons New Homes are More Efficient than Ever

· Insulation

Homes today have considerably better insulation than they did even just a few years ago. This goes a long way in keeping the cool (expensive) air from your A/C in while keeping the heat from the sun out.

· Appliances and electronics

From the water heater to the air conditioner, and from kitchen appliances to light fixtures – and more – the latest appliances not only save massive amounts of energy, but tend to have longer lifespans meaning less need for wasteful and costly replacements.

· Smarter design

New homes are built to include the latest in efficient design innovation. This can involve creating large indoor spaces or carefully zoned areas to improve and control airflow, installing a cool roof, the use of specially treated windows, the use of efficient water fixtures, landscaping to make the most of shade, sun, and water, and more.

Speak With Your Builder to Learn How Your New Home Can Be More Efficient

These are just a few examples of how new homes can be built more efficiently to save you money while protecting the environment. Want to learn more? Speak to the experts at Beacon Construction Group today.

Use our convenient online form to contact us now, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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