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Important Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Know What to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Finding the right builder for your custom home is essential if you’re going to end up with a finished house that you and your family will love for years and perhaps even decades to come, and choosing the right builder is a matter of asking the right questions.

Here are three questions you should ask a builder before hiring them.

3 Key Questions to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder

  • What certifications and accolades do you hold?

A great builder will be recognized as such by various professional organization. Find out if a potential builder holds any exciting certifications or other industry accolades.

  • Can I see your portfolio/references?

Always ask to see examples of past builds and for references from previous clients. A quality builder will provide plenty of each.

  • How do you handle subcontracting?

Building a custom house involves many stages, many of which are usually subcontracted out or assigned to different work teams. Find out how a builder manages these teams to ensure each project moves smoothly.

Find the Perfect Custom Home Builder for Your Dream Home

At Beacon Construction Group, we’re happy to share our accolades, references, and to talk about how our in-house teams make each build a success.

Contact us online to learn more about finding a great custom home builder, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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