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3 Signs that a Key West Luxury Builder Can Bring Your Home Back to Perfection

Need a Luxury Builder in Key West to Help Rebuild After the Storm?

As Floridians, we’re used to riding out each yearly storm season, and while some years are better than others, this one was something of a doozy, and now a lot of people right now are cleaning up and trying to figure out the best way to return their home to its undamaged condition. Sound familiar? Are you looking for a luxury builder in Key West?

When you need a Key West luxury builder, not just anyone will do. You need a builder who is capable of making it as if the storm never happened by returning your home to its original condition – and maybe even better.

Here are three signs that you’ve found a quality Key West luxury builder.

What to Look for in a Great Key West Luxury Builder

  • Wide ranging experience

The first thing you should look for is experience. The National Association of Homebuilders recommends that you find a Key West luxury builder with at least 3-5 years of experience, but we suggest you do better than that. A luxury builder that has been operating for decades, working on widely varying projects in a variety of regions will be more capable of delivering not only an outstanding final home, but an outstanding construction process.

  • Primarily in-house building teams

Part of delivering that outstanding construction process and outstanding home involves offering an outstanding level of organization and communication. The best luxury builder in Key West will accomplish this by using in-house teams for almost all of the work they do. Most builders use an assortment of various sub-contractors for virtually every aspect of a build. While this can be a fine method with more basic, ordinary structures, a luxury home requires a much higher level of organizational perfection.

  • Shining reviews from past clients

Any builder should provide testimonials and referrals, but this is especially true when it comes to building a luxury home. These testimonials shout attest to the quality of their home, as well as the quality of the experience they had working with the builder.

Beacon Is a Key West Luxury Builder Offering the Highest Echelon of Perfection

At Beacon Construction Group, we’ve decided to extend our luxury homebuilding services to the community of Key West to help with rebuilding efforts. With more than 25 years of experience, expert in-house building teams, and a slew of referrals from happy clients, we’re the Key West luxury builder you’re looking for.

Contact us online to learn more about our Key West luxury builder services, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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