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Ask Your Key West Luxury Home Builder About These Storm Resistant Features

Your Key West Luxury Home Builder Can Help You Prepare for Next Year’s Storms

Whether you’re cleaning up after the last string of hurricanes, or you get lucky and were missed this time, you probably have an eye on the future and are wondering how you can protect your home once the next storm season comes around. Happily, there are a slew of things that you can do to make your home more storm resistant. Ask your Key West luxury home builder about whether these features can help make your home more resilient against the weather.

Hurricane Resilient Feature for Your Luxury Home

  • Storm doors

There are a variety of doors on the market that are durable enough to remain fixed in place through a storm. This not only ensures that you have less damage to cope with afterwards, but that you eliminate the possibility of adding more dangerous missiles flying through the air.

  • Fortified garage door

Your garage door is one of your home’s most vulnerable points. Once it goes, the high speed winds will pressurize your house, making it easy for the roof to blow off. According to Consumer Reports, you should get windowless garage doors under nine feet wide that can withstand at least fifty or more pounds of pressure per square foot. There are also a number of bracing systems on the market that can be used to further bolster the staying-power of your garage door.

  • Roof clips

Nothing ruins your home like having the pressure from the wind rip off your roof. Hurricane clips are great tools for anchoring trusses and rafters, which vastly increases the strength of their bond. What’s more, roof clips are often a somewhat affordable solution.

  • Window protection

Whether we’re talking about strong storm shutters, or clips designed to keep your windows in place, protecting your windows is a must. Not only is protecting your windows essential to limiting the possibility of flying broken glass, but it can help prevent winds from entering and pressurizing your house, which, again, can lead to the loss of your roof.

  • Safe room

When all else fails, there is nothing like the protection of a safe room. A safe room might be a fortified room that is used only in the event of a catastrophic storm, or it can be a bathroom or other small room that has been bolstered to provide maximum protection.

Ask Your Key West Luxury Home Builder About These Storm Resistant Features

Ready to prepare your home to weather the storm? Contact a Key West luxury home builder today, and discuss what can be done to prepare your house for whatever the elements throw at it.

Contact this Key West luxury home builder online, or call Beacon Construction Group at (561) 845-5130 today.

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