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Learn How Mike Conville has Made Beacon Construction Group Such as Success

Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group: 25+ Years of Luxury Homebuilding Excellence

There are many homebuilders in Florida, and many of these focus on building luxury homes, but one has consistently stood out from the rest – Beacon Construction Group. Founded and led by expert builder Mike Conville, Beacon has become renowned for its ability to build high-luxury homes that families will enjoy for years, decades, and even generations to come.

So where did Mike Conville and Beacon Construction get this reputation for excellence? Let’s take a look.

How Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group Became the Leading Luxury Home Builder in Southern Florida

  • Our decades of wide-ranging, high-level experience.

While the National Association of Home Builders recommends that you choose a builder who has at least 3-5 years of experience, we offer nearly 30 years of experience. Over the course of that time we’ve worked on projects ranging from condo remodels, to large-scale custom home builds, to expansive institutional projects for some of the most renowned universities in the world.

  • Our in-house work teams.

While the majority of builders subcontract most aspects of a build to outside parties, Mike Conville and the experts at Beacon perform almost all work using in-house teams that are carefully coordinated. This ensures that we eliminate the potential for miscommunication, and allows us to uphold our high quality standards.

  • Our range of professional accolades and achievements.

Much of our success has been based upon a snowball of recognition. We perform great work, which earns us a range of professional accolades, which garners us more outstanding projects, and so on. Our accolades include an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as distinction as a Preferred Builder at the luxurious Lost Tree Village.

  • Our slew of happy clients.

Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group makes each and ever client happy, and nothing builds success like happy clients. Our clients are thrilled by the homes the receive, and they’re more than willing to tell you about it. That’s why we have a sizeable portfolio of testimonials and referrals. Some are available on our website, but to see the rest just ask.

When It Comes to Luxury Homebuilding Mike Conville and Beacon Leave Clients Thrilled

In the end, it’s simple. Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group have enjoyed a high level of success due to the unrivaled quality of their work.

Contact Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group online to learn more, or call (561) 845-5130 today.

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