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Palm Beach Luxury Builder Trends for 2018

Palm Beach Luxury Builder Mike Conville of Beacon Construction Explains Design Trends for 2018

As the new year right is around the corner, homeowners everywhere are wondering about the upcoming design trends for 2018. Whether they’re hiring a Palm Beach luxury builder to renovate an existing home or construct a new one from the ground up, they want to stay on top of the latest styles. With this in mind, Mike Conville of Beacon Construction – one of the leading luxury builders in Palm Beach for more than 25 years – decided that now is a good time to provide a quick update as to which design trends will be all the rage in 2018.

Ask Your Palm Beach Luxury Builder About These Top Design Trends for 2018

  • Elaborate home workspaces

As more and more people embrace telecommuting to work, home workspaces are going to become increasingly popular. And we’re talking about more than a den. We’re talking about office spaces that offer room for team project, along with the latest in home automation.

  • More color

In recent years, beige and neutral colors have been at the forefront, but in 2018 you’ll see bright, warmer colors becoming more popular, especially in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Sinks with personality

Keeping in line with this trend toward more color, we’re going to see less white and stainless steel sinks, and more made of materials such as stone, concrete, copper, and granite. Also, more trough sinks that are wider and deeper.

  • Floral patterns

Alongside the embrace of more color will be a rise in the popularity of floral designs, especially those that offer highly contrasting colors.

  • Vintage light fixtures

More personality is the trend across the board, and that includes light fixtures. 2018 will see more vintage light fixtures like aged copper pendant lights.

  • Concrete accents

Concrete is always a popular building material – especially in Florida where the humidity makes wood a difficult material to work with – but in 2018 we’ll see concrete used in more and more decorative circumstances.

Hire a Palm Beach Luxury Builder to Embrace the Top 2018 Design Trends

Ready to give your home the update it needs? Contact a Palm Beach luxury builder like Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group to discuss the most exciting design trends of 2018.

Contact us online to learn more about the most popular design trends for 2018, or call Mike Conville and Beacon Construction at (561) 845-5130 today.

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