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Mike Conville and Beacon Construction Group’s Top 3 Recent Projects

Discover How Michael Conville Delivers Unrivaled Luxury

Over the course of the past 30 years, Michael Conville and his company Beacon Construction Group have applied their expertise to countless projects, from remodels to full builds. While each project varies in scale and aesthetics, they all share one thing in common: unrivaled luxury.

For examples of Michael Conville’s work, let’s look at three of his most recent projects. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

A Luxurious Remodel by Michael Conville's Beacon Construction Team

Home by Michael Conville

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One prime example is this Residence, which Michael Conville and Beacon recently remodeled. Thanks to this update, the house is now any host’s dream. Featuring expansive, open dining, kitchen, and living room spaces, the house is well equipped for entertaining.

Out back, the house reveals that it is more festive-ready than you might have thought thanks to comfy outdoor seating areas, a pool, and a hot tub.

Home by Michael Conville

Another Unique Project from Michael Conville and Beacon Construction Group

Home by Michael Conville

Providing a different variety to Michael Conville’s work is this Residence. Its interior spaces are designed with comfort in mind, featuring rooms of various sizes and layout, all of which are brightly lit thanks to their large windows.

Outside the pool carries a different feel from what we’ve already seen. This pool has more of a lagoon element to it, while sitting areas are scattered around the property, including one covered space for protection against sun and rain.

Home by Michael Conville

Extraordinary Design and Craftsmanship from Mike Conville

Home by Michael Conville

Finally we have this stunning Residence, which boasts an almost “grand hall” aesthetic. Upon entry you’ll notice expansive hallways adorned with chandeliers, open living rooms, a kitchen with ample counter and seating space, and elegant yet fun bedrooms and bathrooms.

Outside the “grand” aspect continues thanks to a massive pool, open lawn space, columns and open balconies, and an unobtrusive wall for privacy and security.

Between these three homes, you can get a pretty good idea of the breadth of luxury offered by Michael Conville and his expert team at Beacon Construction Group.

Home by Michael Conville

Contact Michael Conville to learn more about his luxury contracting services, or click here to see more examples of Beacon Construction Group’s spectacular builds.


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